Our Partners

DH Labs supplies cable to many respected audio manufacturers, as well as
the world's top recording and mastering studios. See below for a partial listing.


Using DH Labs Internal Wiring/Connectors

Recording & Mastering Studios

Using DH Labs products
DH Labs speaker cables

Speaker Cables

Silver Sonic High Performance Speaker Cable

DH Labs interconnect cables

Interconnect Cables

Balanced (XLR Cables) & Single Ended (RCA Cables)

DH Labs subwoofer cables

Subwoofer Cables

Optimized for low frequency signals

DH Labs digital cables

Digital Cables

USB Cable, Toslink Optical Cable, Coax, AES

DH Labs speaker cables

Video Cables

HDMI 2.0 Video Cable – 3D Compatible

DH Labs power cables

Power Cables

AC Power Cords

DH Labs phono cables

Phono Cables

Pure Silver Headshell Leads & Custom Tone Arm Cables

DH Labs connectors


RCA Connectors, XLR, Spades, Banana Plugs and More…

DH Labs hook-up wire

Hook-Up Wire

Bulk Internal Hook-Up Wire – Insulated

DH Labs Headphone Cables

Headphone Cables

Premium Performance Headphone Cables